Supermarket - Sanitation Program

The Sunburst Supermarket Program is a complete sanitation program that provides quality chemical products and dispensing equipment along with superior service and customer training to assure that supermarkets using this program are clean and bacteria free.
Why are Solid Detergents the Best Choice for Your Stores? Supermarket Program Benefits
The objectives of a corporate endorsed sanitation program may be summarized as follows:

Offer grocery stores a sanitation program that will be simple to use, effective on soil, safe to employees and cost competitive.
A proven sanitation program that will provide for consistent methods and results within all stores of like size.
Offer retailers a cutting edge sanitation program that will not become outdated in the foreseeable future.
Create a store environment that looks clean and provides an atmosphere for a pleasant shopping experience for each customer.
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Service and Training Customized to your Needs. Learn more about the Sunburst Approach Learn more about Chemical Products and Dispensing Equipment

Please feel free to contact our Supermarket Program Manager at any time.
Steve Van de Walker
800/899-7627 X669

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