Skilled Nursing Care — On-Premise Laundry Program

Sunburst Chemicals understands you need to provide clean, stain-less, and odor-free linens to your residents. Utility costs, linen replacement costs, safety and support are also important considerations when choosing the right chemical vendor for your laundry cleaning needs.

One Touch Cleaning™

Sunburst Chemical’s One Touch Cleaning™ Laundry Program can not only significantly reduce overall laundry expenses, but also gets the stains, soils and unpleasant odors out – in the first wash.

Our unique, proprietary wash formulas guarantee the highest quality linens plus a shorter wash day. Sunburst’s solid laundry products are 100% concentrated, produce a low pH, and contain enzymes, oxygen bleach, and built-in conditioners.

The One Touch Cleaning™ Laundry Program has been developed specifically with skilled nursing care facility managers in mind.

  • Cleaner, whiter, hygienically clean linens
  • Reduced utility & linen replacement costs
  • Safer for your employees to use
  • On-site and 24/7 support
  • Tracking and verification of savings

Skilled Nursing Care Program Brochure

Schedule a Free Energy Audit
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Jack Heaviside
National Sales & Service Manager – Laundry
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Schedule a Free Energy Audit – Assess Your Current Utility Costs

Sunburst Chemicals’ Energy Audit software is a fast, easy, and comprehensive way to evaluate your utility costs and compare them to potential costs using Sunburst’s laundry products. The software is easy to use and simple to run. Information is entered into pop-up boxes and reflects what the present laundry operation is running. Message boxes are then completed using a proposed Sunburst system. A complete and comprehensive detail of every utility expense including water, heating, electrical, is analyzed, providing a direct comparison of cost and potential savings, broken down by utility and by total cost. Energy Audit software shows you a graph of the utility costs and the results from the audit, all in an easy-to-understand digital format. It’s easy!


Schedule a Free On-Site Demo – See for Yourself

Sunburst provides free on-site product demonstrations to show firsthand how the One Touch Cleaning™ laundry program can tackle the toughest stains and get linens clean.  This allows you to see, feel and smell Sunburst products, and witness how they get linens clean — after just one wash.

How a demo works:

A trained Sunburst laundry expert will visit your site and survey your current program and linen results. During this survey, they will check water levels, temperatures, and drains in addition to your current linens. The laundry expert will perform a free, on-site product demonstration with your heavily stained soils, using Sunburst products. After the demo load has been washed, the laundry expert will show you a linen comparison between your current linens and the linens used during the demo load with Sunburst products.

Ask today for your free on-site product demonstration and see the savings and improved results!

…or give us a call to speak with one of our sales representatives


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