The typical large laundry facility processes millions of pounds of laundry every year, thousands of gallons of laundry chemicals, a reservoir worth of water, and pays a correspondingly big utility bill. Sound like your facility?

Now, imagine if you could:

  • Reduce the amount of times your linen is touched
  • Reduce the amount of energy you use
  • Reduce the amount of water you use
  • Reduce the amount of rewashing you do
  • Reduce the amount of linen replacement you pay for
  • Eliminate environmentally harmful chemicals


How would you like to make these savings really happen? And how about a guarantee that proves it will? It starts by recognizing the need for change.

Over the last several years, a number of raw materials used in the formulation of cleaning products have been identified as being very detrimental and harmful to our environment — particularly to air and water resources. Sunburst Chemicals, being among the best in the industry for laundry chemical technology, took this as a challenge to improve the effectiveness and safety of laundry chemicals and processes. We are now the undisputed leader with our patent-pending development of “green chemistry” for laundering textiles. (To be classified as “green,” chemicals must not cause harm to our environment, either as concentrates or in diluted form.)

Sunburst Chemicals’ One-Touch Professional Textile Chemistry (PTC) Program is a complete line of new generation chemistry products containing only green-technology, environmentally-friendly ingredients. Harmful and hazardous ingredients used in other brands — including phosphates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), alkylphenol ethoxylates, sodium hypochlorite bleach and other carcinogenic ingredients — are completely eliminated.

Sunburst Chemicals’ Professional Textile Chemistry demonstrates our dedication to providing technology that cleans better, safer and more efficiently than any other chemical supplier in the industry.

Our One-Touch Program offers:

  • Lower temperature, lower pH washing with less rinsing for whiter, brighter textiles
  • Better stain removal, virtually eliminating the need for rewash
  • Reduced tensile loss (linting) for longer textile life
  • Faster drying for shorter laundry cycling that improves productivity/overall efficiency


The reductions in water usage, hot water heating requirements, and rewashing make the Sunburst Chemicals One-Touch program dramatically more energy efficient than any other laundry program available on the market.

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