Builder PTC 202

202 is a highly concentrated alkaline builder that can raise the pH of your wash liquor while still meeting strict waste water requirements enforced by waste water treatment providers.

Enzyme Detergent PTC 305

305 has the ability to quickly and effectively breakdown and dissolve difficult stains and soils. With 305’s sustainable enzyme chemical formulation proteinaceous stains disappear. 305 eliminates re-deposition on your textiles.

Oxygen Bleach PTC 408

408 bleaching compound removes stains and provides brighter, whiter, fresher smelling textiles.

Sour PTC 505

505 used in conjunction with 202 allows for goods to rinse down quickly, thereby lowering water consumption and chemical usage to achieve the desired final pH. 505 uses a machine friendly acid that eliminates active and inactive alkalinity from textiles without corroding stainless steel components and seals.

Fabric Softener PTC 700

700 uses a quaternary fabric softening compound that enhances how the goods feel and reduces the amount of moisture in the goods thereby reducing dry times, and protects cotton fibers during the compression or extraction step. 700 contains both optical brighteners and anti-static agents that produce whiter-brighter textiles.

Activator PTC 903

903 allows laundry operators a safe alternative to both chlorine bleaching, as well as the dangers of Paracetic Acid compounds being used in facilities. Patented Activator Program effective bleaching is achieved at lower temperatures, lower pH resulting in water and energy savings as well as less damage to fabrics.


Chlorbrite highly concentrated chlorine bleach removes stains, brightens overall appearance and sanitizes fabrics.


Trust laundry detergent’s unique combination of ingredients is especially effective on oily soils while being better and faster rinsing, avoiding detergent buildup in textiles. Trust contains special surfactants to penetrate soils and stains in all fabrics


Flex highly active emulsion quaternary fabric softener works well in a broad range of temperatures.  Reduces static for faster ironing thus providing an outstanding finish to linens.


Reliance concentrated detergent penetrates tough stains, controls sudsing, rinses fast and is safe on all fabrics. Reliance’s wetting agents and detergents break down surface tension and penetrate deep into the soils, removing stains and soils from the fabric. Acknowledged by the EPA’s Safer Choice program for its improved environmental ingredients.

Alkali I

Alkali I is a “power-plus” alkali used to breakdown and attack the toughest and heaviest of soils.

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