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Solid Green 28 Solid Biological Floor Cleaner is a new generation of cleaning products that is a step forward in improving the safety and environmental impact of cleaning products that were previously available for the same purpose.

  • Biodegradable

Solid Biological Floor Cleaner

  • Contains surfactants to suspend grease and oils
  • Contains a combination of biological agents that continue to break down grease and oil after floors have been mopped
  • Eliminates slippery floors and foul odors
  • Contains no phosphate, VOCs and NPEs
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Mild pH
  • Yields 260 – 520 gallons per capsule
  • Product is Kosher

R2U6000 Ready-To-Use Dispensing System


Spec Sheet (PDF)

Packaging size
1 x 3.25 lbs/case

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