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SENTINEL is an effective multi-purpose no-rinse sanitizer when used at 1 oz per 20 gallons of warm water.

Solid Sanitizer

  • Safe, Solid Form Minimizes Hazards Of Employee Contact And Injury Due To Spills Or Splashing Concentrated Liquids
  • Effective In Hard Water Conditions Up To 400 ppm hardness (as CaCO₃)
  • Product is Kosher
  • No Rinsing Required After Application
  • Freeze/Thaw Stable
  • Highly Effective Quaternary Ammonium Chloride Sanitizer
  • One 3 Pound Capsule Makes Up to 960 Gallons Of Sanitizing Solution
  • Deodorizer:
    • Kills Odor Causing
    • Bacterial Agents
    • Pleasant Fragrance Leaves o Area Clean Smelling

R2U6000 Ready-To-Use Dispensing System
P4C4000 P4C
Master Blaster Master Blaster


Spec Sheet (PDF)

Packaging size
1 x 3 lbs/case

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