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PRIZM is a revolutionary solid detergent for institutional laundering that implements a patented formulation utilizing enzymes and oxygen bleach. PRIZM penetrates beyond the surface and pulls stains out of the fabric while washing. No separate sours or additional fabric softeners are required with Prizm detergent.

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Enzymes, Color safe bleach, Softener

Solid Laundry Detergent

  • Safe, non-caustic detergent powers out tough soils, odor and stains
  • Enzymes and color-safe bleach removes stains in the wash cycle
  • Replaces up to four standard chemicals
  • Outstanding detergent system for commercial or top-load machines
  • Requires substantially less inventory and storage space
  • Reduces formula times, providing energy, water and labor savings
  • Gentle on linens, extends linen life and reduces replacement costs
  • Reduces wrinkles and eliminates static cling-leaves linens feeling soft and fresh
  • Patent #5,830,839
  • Yields approximately 80 (50 lb) loads per 5 lb capsule

P4C4000 P4C -Multi-Purpose Push-For-Concentrate Battery Operated Dispenser
Auto Solid Simple, small, most cost effective laundry dispenser for a solid detergent and liquid beach.


Spec Sheet (PDF)

Packaging size
2 x 5 lbs/case

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