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GREASE GO is a versatile all-purpose cleaner for glass, mirrors, porcelain, tile, stainless steel, windshields, or any soiled surface where streaks or films cannot be tolerated.

  • Streak free cleaning
  • Versatile all-purpose cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

  • 100% Active Raw Materials -No Water Or Fillers Added
  • Specially Formulated to Clean Hard Surfaces Such As: Ceramic/Quarry, Chrome Fixtures Floors, Windows, Porcelain, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, Formica, Gas Pumps
  • Leaves Surfaces Streak Free
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Excellent Spray &Wipe for All Soils & Surfaces

R2U6000 Ready-To-Use Dispensing System


Spec Sheet (PDF)

1 x 3.5 lbs/case

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