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EXTRACT is a revolutionary solid carpet extraction compound that is 100% active cleaning ingredients. Mild, yet very effective in removing grease, stains and solids even from traffic lanes. Pleasant lemon fragrance leaves carpeting, upholstery and drapes smelling fresh.

  • Extractor Compound
  • Deep clean carpets

Solid Extraction Compound

  • 100% active raw materials-no water or fillers added
  • Specially formulated to deep clean carpets
  • Contains low foaming, highly effective ingredients
  • Safe on all carpet types
  • Extra rinsing aids pull soils out of carpet when extracting
  • Each capsule yields approximately 480 gallons of use-solution

R2U6000 Ready-To-Use Dispensing System


Spec Sheet (PDF)

1 x 5.5 lbs/case

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