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ENCORE is an aluminum safe, highly concentrated and defoamed solid warewashing detergent that powers off soil. ENCORE’s unique formula has metal protection properties that will not discolor or attack aluminum or soften metals, but leaves them clean and bright. Unusually high concentration means lower use cost.

  • Panwash Detergent
  • Metal Safe
  • USDA Authorized

Solid Aluminum Safe Warewashing Detergent

  • 100% active raw materials-no water or fillers added
  • Specially formulated to remove the heaviest food soils from dishes, utensils and cookware
  • Super concentrated, defoamed formula provides low use cost and excellent results
  • Special metal protecting formula-won’t discolor, pit or corrode aluminum
  • Safe to use solid capsule eliminates the possibility of chemical spills and burns
  • Product is Kosher

Solid Detergent Bowl


Spec Sheet (PDF)

4 x 8 lbs/case

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