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ECLIPSE is a biological floor cleaner that is effective in all areas of the store, including sales floors, waxed/finished floors, restroom floors, and greasy kitchen floors. It is ideal for customers who have multiple floor types or different cleaning areas, as well as chain customers that require a consistent program from property to property, but have different floor types / cleaning areas to address.

Floor Cleaner

  • Cleaning: Deep cleans surfaces, as well as removing dirt and soil. Cleans grout and eliminates slippery floors
  • Degreasing: Contains a combination of biological agents that continue to break down grease and oil even after floors have been mopped
  • Odors: Biological agents help to break down and remove sources of odor
  • Contains no phosphates, VOCs, or NPEs
  • Rapidly biodegradble
  • Mild pH


Spec Sheet (PDF)

Packaging Size:
1 x 3.25 lbs/case

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