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BIOZYME is a solid biological grease trap treatment that is dissolved by in-house water through an automatic inject system to keep drain lines free flowing, grease traps functioning properly and to control odors.

  • Biological Grease Trap & Drain Treatment
  • Keep drain lines free flowing, Control odors

Solid Bacterial Grease Trap & Drain Treatment

  • Bacteria spores digest materials that clog grease traps and drains and reduce B.O.D.’s, C.O.D.’s and suspended solids.
  • Regular treatment controls odor, prevents troublesome drain blockage and expensive grease trap pumping costs.
  • Highest concentration of biologicals available today for automatic inject systems with 27 billion CFUs per ounce of BIOZYME.
  • Effective pH range 5.5 to 9.0
  • Multiple Bacillus spore generates several different kinds of bacteria to digest a wide variety of materials: starch, protein, fat, urea, cellulose A Facultative type of bacteria is used that can thrive under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • As a true bacterial based product, the by-products of digestion are water and carbon dioxide-which means no negative effects on drain lines further down the line.
  • Patent # 6,150,316

Trap Tender Grease trap and drain line maintenance system.


Spec Sheet (PDF)

1 x 4.5 lbs/case

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