Meat & Seafood

Meat and Seafood departments have specific cleaning needs not found in other departments. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of equipment helps increase product shelf life and decrease the chance of cross contamination which can lead to food-bourne diseases. Sunburst’s programs are designed to help you keep your entire meat and seafood departments clean and sanitized.

NEW! Chlorinated Degreaser

Chlorinated products have been used for years to help break down protein build up and remove soils from meat room equipment. Unfortunately, health and safety issues associated with liquid chlorinated products has kept many supermarkets from using these types of products – until now. Sunburst’s new CD Blast Chlorinated Degreaser is designed to take advantage of the benefits of chlorine in the cleaning process, but because it is in a solid form, there is no chance of employees coming in contact with liquid concentrates or mixing with other hazardous products. All the cleaning benefits – none of the risk!

Product Type Description Features
Sentinel Solid Solid Sanitizer
  • Sanitizer
CD Blast Solid Chlorinated Degreaser
  • Fortified with chlorine
  • Power packed foam reduces manual scrubbing and scrapping
  • Solid product with 100% cleaning ingredients
CBW – Cutting Board Whitener Liquid Cutting Board Whitener
  • Restores Gray, Stained or Discolored Cutting Boards
Sundrops 57 Liquid Foaming Lotion Soap
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally Safer
Bio Drain Liquid Drain Treatment
  • Power packed foam eliminates manual scrubbing and scraping
  • Safe around personnel, concentrate cannot spill or cause injury, burns, or eye irritation
  • Pleasant scent eliminates foul smelling odors
  • Helps to liquefy septic tanks and drain field solids
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