Sours and Softeners

Sunburst has the right Commercial Laundry Sours and Softeners for your specific application. Sunburst has the right sour, softener, or sour/softener to enhance the whiteness of whites and brightness of colored linens.  Sunburst has sours that help eliminate dryer scorch and discoloring caused by iron without damaging linens.  Our softeners leave fabrics soft and gentle to the touch while still minimizing static.  In need of a sour/softener, try one of Sunburst’s to control yellowing while producing soft, bright linens.

Product Type Description Features
Conclude Solid Solid Laundry Sour
  • Safe for all fabrics
  • Balances pH
  • Brighter whites and colors
  • Controls iron stains
Spectrum Solid Solid Sour Softener
  • Balances pH
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Controls iron stains
  • Fabric softener
Conserv SG 80 – Fabric Softener Solid Fabric Softener
  • Leaves fabrics soft and gentle
  • Solid form is convenient and safe to handle
  • Contains no phosphate, VOCs, alkyl phenols
Conserv SG 84 – Iron Removing Sour Solid Iron Removing Sour
  • Helps eliminate dryer scorch
  • Final rinse assures brilliant whites
  • Cannot be spilled or improperly used
Conserv SG 81 – Fabric Softener & Sour Solid Fabric Softener & Sour
  • Unique blend of laundry softener, conditioner, and neutralizing ingredients
  • Reduces drying time by providing more complete water extraction
  • Leaves linens soft and fresh with a pleasant fragrance
Complete Liquid Softener / Sour
  • Controls pH
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Controls iron stains
  • Faster extraction
Final Liquid Laundry Sour
  • Adjusts final pH
  • Eliminates scorching & speckling
  • Phosphate free
Final Plus Liquid Iron Removing Sour
  • Removes rust & iron
  • Prevents yellowing & speckling
Outright Liquid Laundry Sour
  • Controls discoloring
  • Adjusts final pH of water
Neutral PH Liquid Laundry Sour
  • Prevents scorch yellowing
  • Retards brown spotting
Valu Soft Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Works in a broad range of water
  • Break through in softener technology
  • Cuts operational costs
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