How does Sunburst achieve these reductions?

Simply put, Sunburst Chemicals’ unequaled research and technology have achieved better chemistry than any other suppliers in the industry today. We have the only product that can truly activate oxygen bleach at low temperatures and deliver unequalled results. Our detergent technology removes soil and stains throughout all temperature ranges — to eliminate unnecessary flushing, lower wash temperature, and reduce wash time — saving water, energy, time and money.

Sunburst Chemicals’ revolutionary wash technology does not require high alkalinity or high pH to clean. Our unique detergent technology is the only true, activated oxygen program available that can truly clean, whiten and brighten textiles with complete confidence. With lower pH washing and without harsh over-used caustic products, our customers see reduced tensile strength damage to textiles, less lint, and longer fabric life. The added bonus to these cost savings is that Sunburst Chemicals is the only company that achieves these cleaning results with completely environmentally-safe Green Cleaning Technology products.

The chemists and engineers at Sunburst Chemicals have developed a unique, patent-pending process in which our chemicals not only provide equivalent bleaching efficiency, but also eliminate safety hazards created by direct handling of chlorine bleach and peracetic acid. It is our belief that building superior chemistry yields better quality results, while also lowering the amount of landfill space needed from generating fewer empty containers.

The bottom line: Sunburst Chemicals launders textiles better, safer, more efficiently, with unequaled quality results, at lower overall operating cost than any competitor in the industry today. All while guaranteeing that you will only have to touch your linens once. We don’t accept the status quo!

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