At Sunburst Chemicals, we understand the importance of producing exceptional quality linens, and we are committed to providing superior service.  As part of that commitment to you, our customer, Sunburst and our distributor partners will provide the following services necessary to analyze, develop, implement and manage a Sunburst program specific to your plant’s operations.


What does our commitment mean?

1.  Sunburst Chemicals will analyze, recommend, and coordinate all wash process objectives that are agreed to by you.

2.  Sunburst Chemicals, from date of commitment, will implement a schedule and submit it to management for achieving objectives outlined by the management of the laundry.

3.  Sunburst Chemicals will review new objectives, and opportunities that become present in the plant. All laundry plants are constantly changing, with new challenges and opportunities for improvement. The wash process and procedures need to be reviewed and adjusted according to requirements of customers, new products, and constant increases in annual poundage. It is imperative that management have a consulting expert to assist them in adapting to any and all changes that the laundry can and will see.

4.  Sunburst Chemicals will establish the standards for proper procedures and chemical concentrations to be used in all wash formulation as well as the standards for wash processing. These standards will be maintained and monitored by the services of the local distributor Sunburst Chemicals technician.


To continue monitoring our mutually-developed textile-processing program, your local technician will:

1.  Assist the laundry manager in setting up training and standards for the laundry department personnel.

2.  Be on duty in the plant on a regular basis to assist plant personnel in the proper procedures and use formulas and products.

3.  Monitor those procedures which have been set up to maximize production in pre-sorting, wash isle, conditioning/drying.

4.  Provide documentation for the efficiency in wash formulas.

5.  Review with management the water and energy efficiency goals.

6.  Provide test kits or any additional equipment required to ensure the desired results.

7.  Provide regular plant inspection throughout to ensure that the chemical program is being followed properly and that the desired results are being achieved. The local technician will work with Sunburst Chemicals and the laundry management to continually refine and optimize processes. Reports will be completed with summarized results and recommendations if necessary for your management.

8.  Preventative maintenance service will be checked.


The system’s overall performance in producing clean linen will be observed and the following standard items will be checked:

1.  Wash temperatures

2.  Rinse temperatures

3.  Water levels

4.  Hot/Cold steam valves for leaks

5.  Programming

6.  Concentration of supplies

7.  Iron content of water supply

8.  Bicarbonate content of water supply

9.  Water hardness

10. Proper pH of finished textiles


At Sunburst we recognize the need for third party evaluations of our work, and that is why we have partnered with the Dry-cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) as well as Accugen Laboratories to provide third party verification of our programs and processes.  This testing is also consistent with the TRSA Hygienically Clean Program.  The testing includes quarterly testing using a third party linen swatch test piece, which is paid for by Sunburst Chemicals.  At Sunburst we recognize that it is important to have well documented service, and that is why we have created a proprietary Electronic Reporting System.  All service reports are reviewed with affected plant personnel on each visit as well as being reviewed at a corporate level to ensure we are delivering our value proposition to you every day.

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