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The One-Touch Cleaning™ Laundry Program

Sunburst Chemicals’ One-Touch Cleaning™ Laundry Program is the complete solution for large laundry applications. This program is designed to deliver superior results at a competitive price, with service from Sunburst Chemicals that covers your full laundry operation. We understand that our customers expect superior quality, and that is the fundamental goal of our program. The One-Touch Cleaning™ Laundry Program guarantees that linens are clean and bright in just one wash. We believe in the “Power of One” – One touch. One source. One company!


Jack Heaviside
National Sales and Service Manager – Large Laundry

Sunburst Chemicals is a proud member of TRSA.


Large Laundry Program

Core Program Products

The Sunburst Chemicals One-Touch Large Laundry Cleaning Program product line consists of earth-friendly products that contain green, environmentally-preferable ingredients. The program consists of 11 products that were selected from Sunburst’s Professional Textile Chemistry (PTC) line. This combination of products provides excellent cleaning results at a reasonable cost, and produces linens that are clean and bright in just one wash.

Large Laundry Team


Sunburst’s Large Laundry team has the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of your large laundry program. Comprised of Regional Laundry Specialists, Business Development Managers, and our Large Laundry National Sales and Service Manager, this team of specialists is ready to assist you when you need them. Sunburst Chemicals is an active member of TRSA and ALM, as well as a partner with Softrol Systems, Inc., to ensure we are always up-to-date with the needs and trends of the ever-changing Large Laundry industry.

List of Large Laundry Organizations/Partnerships:

Large Laundry Equipment and Dispensers - Softrol Systems


When defining the best solution our large laundry customers, Sunburst selected Softrol Systems, Inc. as our partner for dispensed liquid products. Softrol Systems’ proven technology dispenses liquid chemicals accurately and has numerous advantages over other technologies. One of these is a powerful software and reporting package that is included with every dispenser. We have integrated the Softrol Systems, Inc. systems into our Global Dashboard, that is exclusive to Sunburst, and we manage the data in a manner that is unique and immediately relevant. We also offer innovative dispensers that are unique to Sunburst and that were designed to meet various types of applications. We provide total solutions — including both products and dispensers — for our large laundry customers.

Large Laundry Reporting System

Global Dashboard

Sunburst Chemicals manages our One-Touch program through our Global Dashboard — software that identifies trends in production or utility costs. As concerns arise, signals are sent to both our field and management teams that a problem is developing which could potentially impact quality and production values. Synergizing this with the Softrol Systems, Inc. reporting system gives us transparency into all aspects of the plant. Reports are generated that populate to the Global Dashboard at our corporate office in Minnesota. This information immediately processed to see what the past weeks’ production values were. If a cell turns red, indicating a problem, the field team is automatically alerted, and they can determine what the cause of the problem is. This level of assurance allows us to guarantee results while helping you manage your costs and production values.

Large Laundry Commitment to Service


Sunburst Chemicals’ service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our service encompasses all areas of your business including chemical delivery, wash formulas, titrations of different classifications on every visit, and stain audits on a regular basis. The specific needs and objectives of your laundry are detailed in a custom plant action plan, to guarantee the results and quality you expect. Sunburst’s Laboratory Services group continually tests new linen classifications defined by our customers and provides free technical evaluations of any textile. We are committed to quality and will back up any findings through third party testing if needed.

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