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Offering environmentally
responsible solutions

to protect the health
of our planet.
Leading the Way to Greener Cleaning

Sunburst Chemicals continues to be on the forefront of cleaning technology, and has been since we began producing solid detergents in the early 1980s. Solids’ unique design not only saves on the environment, but also reduces energy consumption and increases workplace safety.

With products that are DfE certified, as an active member of CleanGredients™, and using lean manufacturing practices, Sunburst Chemicals has the expertise and the products to deliver the best environmental solutions for your cleaning needs.

Reduce & Recycle

When it comes to protecting the environment, Sunburst’s solids offermany advantages:
Solid technology leverages state-of-the-art surfactant technology -you get the best cleaning through a 100% concentrate.
Solids’ 100% concentrate reduces container size. Solids’ containers use the least grams of plastic per volume of
use solution in the industry.
Empty means empty
No chemical residue left in the container to end up in landfills.

No rinsing required, so no wasted water and nothing down the drain.

Containers are Class 2 recyclable.

Sunburst Chemicals is a leader in green cleaning expertise by:
Working with the EPA to develop Sunburst products with DfE certification
Being an active member of CleanGredients™
Practicing lean manufacturing
Saving Energy

Environmentally-responsible solutions must consider the complete picture, including operational efficiencies and energy usage. Sunburst solids offer energy savings by:

Reducing fuel consumption for freight and delivery -solids take up less space, which requires fewer trucks to ship them.
Reducing heat required for transport and storage, because solidswill not freeze or thaw.
Reducing operational utility costs through products, training, and consultations. This alone can save thousands of dollars.

Sunburst takes into consideration all angles of energy consumption and provides the best formulas for overall energy reduction with while maintaining quality cleaning results.

Increasing Health & Safety

Sunburst products and programs clean better and deliver quality results... and a cleaner facility is a safer one. Advantages of our products include:

Solids in their natural state cannot be spilled, splashed or mixed by hand, which greatly reduces the risk of employee contact with chemical concentrates, helping employers maintain a healthier, safer workplace.

DfE: Design For the Environment The DfE Program is a voluntary partnership program that works directly with industries to integrate health and environmental considerations into their business decisions. DfE is also a recognized approach that companies first adopted in the late 1980s that involves thinking in terms of “design for” qualities or traits in products and process design. In the environmental field, views on risk management have shifted to approaches that promote reducing risks to human health and the environment through pollution prevention or source reduction instead of relying on end-of-the-pipe pollution control.


Go green.
CleanGredients is an online database of institutional and industrial (I&I) cleaning ingredients -the online resource for green formulation. CleanGredients aligns broad environmental and human health goals with the cleaning product industry’s business objectives and will support formulation of products with human and environmental health benefits, whether to meet corporate internal objectives, regulations, voluntary product recognition programs, or national and international eco-labels.

CleanGredients is designed to:
  • help formulators identify ingredients that have potential environmental and human health and safety benefits,
  • and provide opportunity for manufacturers and producers of cleaning ingredients to showcase their ingredients with potential environmental and human health and safety benefits.

Surfactants listed in CleanGredients are, at a minimum, ultimately biodegradable. Data for aquatic toxicity, biodegradability, and the ingredient formulations are reviewed by a third party (NSF International) using the DfE Screen for Surfactants, a set of criteria defined by the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) program that designates surfactants with especially positive environmental characteristics. NSF’s reviews are carried out under confidentiality, providing verification of claims for the key ingredient attributes for surfactants without compromising proprietary formulations.

GS-33 Green Lodging Standards Sunburst has the products that are compliant with the standards established for Green Lodging properties.
  • Property shall demonstrate that chlorinated chemicals are used only where there is no less toxic alternative, and only in minimal amounts.
  • Property shall use automatic dishwashing detergent that is biodegradable, does not contain NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid), and does not contain chlorine bleach.
  • Property shall use non-phosphate, nontoxic, biodegradable, concentrated liquid or powder laundry detergents.
  • Property shall use non-phosphate, nontoxic, biodegradable, concentrated liquid or powder cleaning products.fertilizers and biocides and/or integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.

Solid Laundry Detergent
U.S. Patent no. 5,830,839
Developed in partnership
with the EPA’s “Design for
the Environment.

Lean Manufacturing Lean manufacturing is a business model that emphasizes eliminating waste while delivering quality products at the least cost to the manufacturer and customers. In the U.S., lean implementation began in the 1980s. Lean thinking focuses on three objectives:

1. Reducing production resource requirements by minimizing inventory, equipment, storage and production space, and materials;
2. Increasing manufacturing velocity and flexibility; and
3. Improving quality and eliminate defects.

Lean methods create a continual improvement-based, waste elimination culture that involves workers at all levels of the organization.

Lean and the Environment An October 2003 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report examined the relationship between lean and the environment. Some key findings were that lean manufacturing produces an operational and cultural environment that is highly conducive to waste minimization and pollution prevention. Significant environmental benefits typically ride the coattails of lean initiatives. The powerful economic and competitiveness drivers behind lean drive a willingness to undertake substantial operational and cultural changes, many of which have important environmental performance implications.

Lean typically results in less material use, less scrap, reduced water and energy use, and decreased number and amount of chemicals used.

The Sunburst Solution

Adding value beyond the basics means that we are committed to our customers. This includes producing easy-to-use programs and expert local support. We focus on your needs and take a "Total Approach" to your program. A total top-to-bottom review of a customer’s operation will help to achieve a total value solution.

Reducing Total Operational Costs
Maintenance & Repairs
Injuries and Work Comp Expense
Replacement Cost of Wear Items
Sunburst Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality cleaning and sanitation detergents, adding value to our customers through innovative solutions, and partnering with distributors to serve customers nationally.