In addition to keeping overhead low, Sunburst Chemicals' revolutionary solid detergent meets the sanitation demands of the food service industry with ease of use and accurate control.

Sunburst Chemicals offers a choice of detergent products to meet the requirements of specific warewash applications. We offer a selection of premium-grade products which include aluminum safe products originally developed for bakeries, as well as a premium product for hard water conditions. An economy warewash product is also available for a broad-range of uses. Sunburst also offers premium and economy grade rinse additives that complement the warewash product line.
Sunburst Chemicals offers a solid pot and pan detergent, as well as the industry's first solid quaternary ammonium sanitizer. This sanitizer is user friendly and noncorrosive. Our solids in sink applications typically provide a much lower use cost than liquids because they are used with our unique patented dispensing systems that regulate the amount of detergent used in these often tough-to-control applications.
Sunburst offers a premium silverware presoak product. This enzyme-based solid eats away soil without harming the silver. The Sunburst dispenser aids in low use cost and is much safer compared to liquids or powders. Liquids and powders are also available, as well as a beverage stain remover.
General Purpose
Used for general cleaning applications including floors, walls, tables and equipment. A perfect example of the superior chemistry of solids, these general cleaning products are specially formulated in a way that only solid chemistry can accomplish to penetrate and clean the toughest grease and food-related spills.
Heavy Duty/Specialty
Sunburst makes a line of detergents for heavy-duty grill cleaning, oven cleaning and general degreasing. These products are specially formulated for carbon soils, grills, floors and hoods. Several options are available, including odorless, clinging, citrus-based and aerosol.
Grease Trap
Sunburst Chemicals features the industry's first solid bacterial grease trap treatment product. In comparison to similar grease trap products, solid technology provides, by far, the most concentrated biological product on the market. Combined with our revolutionary dispensing system, product is delivered to the grease trap with optimum dispersion.
Hand Soaps
Anti-bacterial hand soaps are an important part of any sanitation program. Sunburst Chemicals offer a choice of Food Grade, E1 and E2 rated antibacterial hand cleaning products.

Sunburst Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality cleaning and sanitation detergents, adding value to our customers through innovative solutions, and partnering with distributors to serve customers nationally.