P4C -Multi-Purpose Push-For-Concentrate Battery Operated Dispenser

BATTERY POWERED: New electronic technology provides battery life of up to 3 years. Includes a Low Battery Warning light and Push to Dispense touch pad. No power cords or local electrical codes to be concerned with.
MOISTURE AND WATER RESISTANT: Water tight seal protects the electronics and the stored battery power.
PROGRAMMING - PUSH-FOR-CONCENTRATE: Sunburst's proprietary electronics allow detergent amounts to be easily adjusted. Includes operator lockout feature that can be programmed to customize dispenser use.
PROGRAMMING - GREASE TRAPS: Multiple event programming capability and events option adapts to all conditions and drain systems. TTB4000 comes preprogrammed in Grease Trap Mode.
COST CONTROL: Dispenses a consistent mixture of solid detergent for effective results.
SAFETY: Employee contact with concentrated chemicals is eliminated, increasing safety and reducing liability.
EASY INSTALLATION: Mount dispenser, check chart for dispensing rate and set programmer.

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