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Evolution of the Solid Revolution

Prior to the 1970s, powder detergents were the popular and accepted standard for most cleaning applications. Everyone-from janitors, to commercial launderers, to restaurateurs-used powders to clean and sanitize in their working environment. In the 70s, liquid detergents came to the forefront. They were easy to use, could be diluted on sight and quickly outdated the tried and true powders. Then came an invention that would revolutionize the cleaning industry. Sunburst Chemicals, at the forefront of this revolution, began producing solid detergents.

Sunburst’s Solid Detergent Technology Provides:

Leveraging technology to improve
employee safety

Increased Product Concentration
Reduced Storage, Freight, and Handling
Lower Total Operating Costs
Enhanced Product Performance
Environmentally-Friendly Products
Infinite Product Shelf Life
Small Dispenser Size
Ease of Training and Use
Controlled Product Usage
Increased Workplace Safety
Our solid detergent technology improves workplace safety. Solids in their natural state cannot be spilled, splashed or mixed by hand which greatly reduces the risk of employee contact with chemical concentrates, in turn reducing employer risk and exposure.
Sunburst Advocates for the Environment By:

Reducing fuel consumption associated with shipping
Incorporating self-rinsing containers, which means no unused chemicals being delivered to landfills
Using 100% recyclable material
Supporting the EPA’s DFE (Design for Environment) Program
Reducing our customers total energy consumption
We are proud of our commitment to the environment
Training and Support Services
Sunburst prides itself on producing easy-to-use programs and expert local support. We provide value to our customers by putting your interests fi rst. This effort guarantees that when you have a sanitation requirement you will receive the proper assistance to analyze your situation and provide a solution that best meets your needs. Our standard services include:
Our commitment to
service & training
insures your needs are met.

Training — Sunburst will work with you to determine your specific training needs and provide you with a program that best meets your needs. We will oversee all sanitation training, develop and provide training materials, and generate new training aids as required.

Managing Your Overall Total Costs — We will consistently measure our performance against your total operational costs to insure we provide you with the best overall value. We will provide you with detailed reports that track current operational performance and costs, and recommend actions that will enhance future performance.

Coordination with Risk Management — We interface with health inspectors and independent auditors to make sure you are meeting the regulatory requirements of your locations.

Coordination of New Installations — As new locations open and your business expands, we will coordinate the installation and training of new employees on our products and systems.

Troubleshooting — Should problems arise, we are only one phone call away and will be at your location for prompt problem resolution.

Managing Product Inventory — We will do our best to see that your locations never run out of critical sanitation supplies, and provide you with quick, local deliveries.

State-of-the Arts Dispensers — Our easy-to-use dispensers help reduce training and service requirements.
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Sunburst Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality cleaning and sanitation detergents, adding value to our customers through innovative solutions, and partnering with distributors to serve customers nationally.