MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Sunburst Chemicals has introduced a new Tamper Proof Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser, a compact and durable dispenser for commercial kitchens, schools, public restrooms, correctional facilities and other spaces where controlled access is desired. The designated amount of foamy hand soap is dispensed with a push of the lever, helping to reduce product […]

Does your company have a volunteer program? If your answer is no, here are Sunburst’s 5 benefits of having a corporate volunteer program! It is known that donating time, money, and goods can have a tremendous positive impact on the charities and non-profits that those donations effect and more importantly the individuals that directly benefit […]

CHOOSING THE RIGHT CHEMICAL VENDOR Do you find yourself continuously searching the web to find good quality cleaning and sanitation products?  Cleaning is much more than just choosing a cleaning product and going about your daily chores.  When your business consists of providing a clean environment, it is important to choose a program that can […]

Can’t get those tough stains out of your linens? Certain stains in linens that are tough to get out make for serious frustrations.  Nobody likes to have to stare at old crusty smelly blood, grass, ground-in clay and dirt, wine, sweat or coffee stains in their uniforms or work apparel.  Already deep into the summer […]

Are you experiencing problems with mold, mildew or both? Fight Against Unsightly Mold and Mildew During the hot and humid summer months, mold and mildew are a common annoyance in areas such as locker rooms, showers, and pool areas.  Areas that are commonly used by many summer enthusiasts, particularly children.  With constant traffic in such […]

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Restroom odors are a consistent problem for housekeeping managers.  Public restrooms receive heavy usage, but frequent cleaning can be tough if not impossible for a busy housekeeping staff. Many factors affect restroom odors – ventilation, humidity levels, drain build up and, of course, biological materials.  Adding a pleasant fragrance is one way […]

Spray Kleen Multi-Surface Neutral Cleaner

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Sunburst Chemicals offers Spray Kleen Multi-Surface Neutral Cleaner as part of its extensive Spray Kleen line of products. Non-corrosive and highly effective, Spray Kleen offers superior cleaning of floors, grout and most other surfaces. It is fast acting and requires no rinsing, due to its film-free formulation. With a pleasant lemon scent, […]

There are a lot of different factors that contribute to a company’s success. We could go on and on about the different factors that make our company successful, but it’s probably the same spiel you’ve heard before. However, have you ever heard others say the main driving force behind their success is the 3-letter-word, FUN? […]

We all want a clean kitchen! If you follow these steps, you will be one step closer to achieving that clean kitchen you’ve always wanted! Eliminate Water Spots while Reducing Drying Times Check water condition and use appropriate chemicals for specific water conditions. Make sure dishes have been loaded correctly in the dish machine so […]

Training is vital in ALL organizations! Training simply refers to the process of learning & understanding the essential skills required for a certain job. It helps target specific goals and processes to help improve an organizations overall success, for example understanding the process of how to operate a certain piece of equipment. Why is training […]

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