Help Sunburst Chemicals fight the initiative to put a stop to the Norovirus before it breaks out! Norovirus is very contagious! Why not take all precautionary measures to ensure the Norovirus doesn’t spread?

Norovirus causes stomach pain, nausea and/or causes intestines to get inflamed leading to very unpleasant symptoms and severe discomfort.  You can get the Norovirus from an infected person, contaminated food or water, or by touching surfaces that are contaminated.

Sunburst Chemicals now offers two disinfectants that fight against Norovirus – Quick San 10 and Sunburst No-Bac! Quick San 10 and Sunburst No-Bac have both been tested for efficacy against Norovirus and approved. Norovirus has been added to the labels for Quick San 10 and Sunburst No-Bac‘s on the list of organisms they are effective at fighting against.

Quick San 10 and Sunburst No-Bac are great products for settings with large numbers of people and high traffic, for example: educational institutions, medical facilities, cruise ships, fitness centers, restaurants, correctional establishments, and hotels/motels to name a few…

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